5 Easy Ways to Be Slim

dairy products

David Zinchenko, a creator of Zero Body Diet, is sure to look slimmer, just few changes in your life are enough. “I am impatient. If I buy something online, I want it delivered immediately – admits David. – If I order at the drive through, I don’t want to idle while its being whipped up.

And if I take some steps to flatten my belly, I want to see results – fast.”

  • If you like David do not want to wait, then listen to his advice: the effectiveness is proved by millions of followers of the Zero Body Diet system.

Working over his book, the author faced a study demonstrating that fast weight loss is the key factor to weight loss.

Slow and steady wins the race does not work here in his opinion. He stipulates 5 strategies in his book to wake up slimmer tomorrow.

Cut down dairy products in your diet

The author explains it by several reasons – cultured milk food is considered to be excellent food for healthy bacteria for your stomach, but in fact, yogurt contains so much sugar which creates a perfect flora for bad bacteria.

They also contain a high concentration of lactose – natural milk sugar, which may cause the gastrointestinal tract disorders. The combination of these two components may result in meteorism and flatulence that, in turn, makes you look bigger than you really are.

dairy products

Add Thruster in your workout

This exercise works out all the muscles of the body.

All you need is a couple of dumbbells and just 8 minutes. According to the author states, you will feel and look slimmer the next day after a couple of workouts.

hip thruster resistance band glute bridge grande
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your toes slightly pointed out, take a dumbbell in each hand and hold them at the shoulders, elbows bent, palms facing each other.
  • Squat down so that your thighs parallel to the floor.
  • Lift up using your momentum to simultaneously press the dumbbells over your head.
  • Hold for a second, then lower the weight to the shoulders slowly returning back to the starting position.

Complete as many repetitions as you can for 8 minutes.

Start your workout slowly, next time try to increase the number of repetitions. The more experienced you become, the heavier the dumbbells you should use.

Take a shower before going to bed

It is no secret that hot and humid weather make it harder to sleep.

A shower at bedtime activates your body’s thermoregulation, making the body prepare to sleep. Do not forget that sound and deep sleep helps control the stress hormone, cortisol, known to slow down weight loss by depositing fat in the abdomen. For fat burning effect, have a cup of green tea before bedtime.

Take a shower before going to bed

Eat porridge for breakfast

Complement the porridge with a handful of berries, dark chocolate, a sprinkle of nuts and a pinch of cinnamon.

  • All these components contribute to the beneficial microflora growth in the intestine.

Due to the diet, useful gut bacteria produce sodium butyrate – fatty acid, an important component for healthy intestinal microflora.

Eat porridge for breakfast

Sufficient butyrate concentration reduces inflammation in your body, and reduce insulin resistance. No inflammation means no flactulence, so your belly is significantly less!

Avoid chewing gum

That is, it may cause bloating.


Studies have shown that sorbitol, sugar alcohol used in most sugarless gums, is hardly digested, and is an excellent medium for the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Avoid chewing gum

This leads to bloating and flatulence.

Besides, constantly moving your jaw, you send impulses to the brain that trigger production of a hunger hormone, called ghrelin.