Detox Diet Popularity

Detox Diet Popularity

Detox diet, also known as detoxification, is widely spread nowadays, as it is approved to be a reliable way to lose excess weight and improve the general health. The main advantage of this eating plan is in its preferable effect on the blood, as it helps to clean it and reduce the number of harmful toxins in the organism.

To have a more detailed look at detox diet, it is important to mention its possible impacts on the organism, both positive and negative, to make sure it will be good for you. Detox is commonly a short-term diet that is aimed at toxins reduction in the organism.

The natural process that happens during detoxification is weight loss. Thus, it can be classified as a complex measure that reduces weight and eliminates toxins in the body. Detox diet has a range of rules and stages.

The initial phase of the dietary intervention presupposes fasting, followed by a rigid diet comprised of vegetables and fruits, water and juice. Additionally, it is allowed to consume tea, herbs, colon cleanses and supplements during this diet course.

As the result you will receive:

  • Free of toxins liver;
  • Improved blood circulation;
  • Eliminated toxins through sweats, feces and urine;
  • Body full of nutrients;
  • Rest of vital body organs.

Detoxification therapies are frequently recommended to patients suffering from severe health conditions, like severe obesity, digestive disorders, inflammations, autoimmune issues, chronic fatigue, allergies and bloating. A couple of researches and clinical trials approved its beneficial action on these health problems.

How to Detox Right?

Detoxification is definitely a good way to clean the organism of harmful toxins and make the whole weight loss therapy advantageous. However, it is inevitable to known different detox ways to follow them properly. It will speed up the result and make it effective. Among the most common detoxification methods known are the following:

  • Fasting for several days;
  • Taking special herbs and supplements;
  • Following an intense workout plan;
  • Full elimination of coffee, refined sugar, alcohol and cigarettes;
  • Drinking specific drinks, such as lemon juice and salted water;
  • Drinking vegetable, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, tea and water in great amounts;
  • Limiting the consumption of allergenic foods and products high in heavy metals, etc.

*The duration and intensity of diverse detoxification diets may differ, though their essence and rules remain the same. It is also preferable to consult a healthcare provider before starting any kind of diet.

Is Detox Diet Effective?

Is Detox Diet Effective?Detox diet, as any other specific eating plan, produces different effects on various people, thus, it is difficult to judge if the diet is 100% safe and effective or dangerous and useless. The results of recent studies claim that around 85% of people following the detoxification eating plan managed to reduce their weight significantly and improve their health.

However, there is a range of individuals who reported fast results at the beginning, and the same fast weight regaining after a few weeks of usual eating. The only conclusion can be made here, that detox diet requires further maintenance and definite foods restrictions.

Benefits of Detoxification Diet in the Weight Loss Process

Detox diet presupposes multiple actions that have an advantageous influence on the organism that include:

  • Constant exercising and sweating;
  • Reducing toxins by eliminating excess weight;
  • Drinking much green tea and water;
  • Getting good sleep, eliminating stressful situations, etc.