Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

A top-notch quality and effect of the Dukan Diet has been approved by thousands of happy people who managed to lose weight with its help. Developed by Pierre Dukan, a famous nutritionist, the diet incorporates all the vital points of a healthy and successful weight loss progress.

The very peculiar feature of the eating plan lies in no hunger and calorie counting. The essence of the program lies in the consumption of natural and healthy products which are rich in protein. Additionally, the diet course will help you balance your weight and forget about excess weight once and forever.

What you are promised to receive is 10 pounds off in a single week. It will be rather easy, though you should follow all the given recommendations and undergo all the 4 phases without any violations.

Contrary to other strict diets, artificial sweeteners, sugar-free gums, unsweetened tea and coffee, as well as a range of spices are allowed with the Dukan diet. However, alcohol is prohibited during the first two phases, but you can drink a glass of wine a day during the last two phases.

Does the Diet Work?

It is quite difficult to generalize and judge about all the cases, but around 90% of patients who tried the Dukan diet report it to be effective and produce desirable results. Unlikely for the diet, you will experience significant weight loss just within the first stages, while you risk regaining weight during the last phases.

To achieve and keep incredible results you must follow all the instructions and violate no rules. Multiple researches show that the Dukan high protein diet is effective for obesity treatment, though durable effects are not fully studied yet. Try the healthy Dukan diet and enjoy immediate results.

“4 Vital Phases of the Dukan Diet”

The Attack

The first phase here is the most important. It is inevitable to jump start the weight loss process. This stage contains pure proteins and gives a powerful start for the weight reduction process. The Attack lasts for around 2-7 days, during which you can choose among 68 high-protein products to consume. Additionally, you should also spend 20 minutes exercising daily.

The Cruise

This phase lasts around 3-8 days and is indispensable for you to reach your real weight. During this stage you will get an opportunity to select among 100 types of food, as 32 vegetables are added. During these days you will continue to lose weight gradually. Besides, you can use alternative Protein+Vegetables or just Protein days to get even greater results. The Cruise is a period when physical workouts are especially important, so you should devote around 30 minutes to this activity.

The Consolidation

This stage is the most dangerous, and your primary aim here is not to continue losing weight, but at least prevent the regaining process. You are the most vulnerable in this period, though if you go through this stage, you are definitely the winner. During the Consolidation phase you have to return forbidden foods to your ratio in restricted amounts. Moreover, you will be allowed a couple of ‘holiday’ meals each week. Nevertheless, continue following 5 strict days in the second phase with Thursday being a purely protein day.

The Stabilization

This is the last and rather important stage that will continue for the rest of your life. Follow the given weight management pattern and balance the foods you consume to stay slim and fit.

“Each separate phase is a part of the complex mechanism, and neglecting one of them you cannot expect a preferable effect.

Combine the diet with regular workouts and you will get a life-long effect!!!”