How to Lose Weight Without Harming Health

How to Lose Weight Without Harming Health

The decision to lose weight comes to each of us in different ways. Still, at the moment of making this decision, everyone feels the same determination to get rid of the extra kilograms, becoming healthy, vigorous and energetic.

The list of top consequences of excess weight includes:

  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • high blood pressure,
  • digestive problems.

And this is just to begin with, so it’s definitely high time to get done with extra weight once and for all!

So, the fateful decision is made – where do we begin? There are many weight loss diets that help lose weight. However, those who resorted to them, confirm that observing diets complicates daily life, in which you need to go to work and meet other people.

Modern nutrition science offers a variety of weight loss methods, which provide general rules that you can easily adopt into your everyday life, without the need to hide from people with a container of food or, otherwise, explain that you are trying to lose weight in accordance with an “ancient proven weight loss method”.

Of course, you will need some time to introduce and nail down new habits and attitude to food. Still, many nutritionists and healthy life followers claim that it is a lot easier to stick to the entire list of changes, if you introduce them gradually, one by one. You can add something new each week or each month, depending on your sensations. For example:

  • Week 1: you increase your water intake to the recommended level (1.5-2 liters a day)
  • Week 2: you learn to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier
  • Week 3: you start having breakfast every day
  • Week 4: you learn to snack between the meals
  • Week 5: you reduce the amount of alcohol consumed (to a glass of wine once a week)
  • Week 6: you replace the carbohydrate-rich side dish for dinner for a vegetable side dish
  • Week 7: you review your lunches and make sure that they contain 50% of vegetables, 25-35% of protein and 25-15% of slow carbohydrates.
  • Week 8: you increase your physical activity through fast 30-minute walking
  • Week 9: you add strength or interval trainings in the morning
  • Week 10: you add massage and lifting skin care to your daily routine

Some people find it quite simple to introduce all 10 rules in their life in a finger snap. While others need time to slowly integrate the changes, to make sure that they can conform the written plan. In fact, every person might have his own plan and pace, at which he fulfills it.

The main thing is to feel comfortable, without going to extremes, and tick off every point of the plan – to feel proud for your own achievement. If you feel more comfortable with choosing any certain HEALTHY nutrition plan, feel free to do it. Still, pushing it too hard might end up in failure. Give your body and mind enough time to adjust, and the results of your efforts will inevitably turn into a success.