To share with you everything: how not to get fat together



The tips we provide today are based on the story of a real man, so you might see yourself in his confessions. What you have to do to not get fat when you start living together with a woman.

I began my married life as a slender young man. I remember, I even could get into the lotus position, although I never did any yoga. My wife cooked very well, she loved doing this, and I had nothing against having a hearty meal after work.

We also loved watching movies together after our baby son was falling asleep. It would be incomplete late movie time, if we didn’t have any snacks with us. In short, three or four years later, the slender boy turned into a guy with a belly and an arrogant, thick face.

big_bellyIn fairness, I must say that alcohol helped a lot, which together with a generous snack can do wonders: plus a kilogram-two a month.

Sometimes, I tried to give up the evening meal. But courage was enough for three days, no more. Moreover, the cunning wife was saying, for example: “I made a turkey tonight, and it has very very dietary meat!” I pounced on the turkey, sincerely believing that at that moment I was losing weight.

About ten years later, when my belly became completely obscene and I was already climbing the stairs with shortness of breath, I went to the gym. The coach inspected me: “What, you hope to lose it all in three months?” – “Yep!” – “Well, no, you’ll need at least a year, and that is under the condition of dieting!”

I did go to the gym, yet I did not give up late night eating and drinking. In general, sports did not help me anyhow.

And then I got divorced

I started to live alone. I did not want to cook for myself. I almost stopped drinking. I started jogging in the park almost every morning. A year later, old fat friends did not immediately recognize me: “What have you done to yourself, how you lost weight?” I grinned: “Write down the recipe. First: you must get divorced…”

Well, I am joking, of course. I did get married again later. And the second wife also cooks wonderfully. But now no one can fool me! No turkeys in the evenings. I treasure my normal figure too much, without a belly, without sides. And I definitely don’t need thick cheeks.

But remember: marriage is a terribly high-calorie thing! Use it carefully.

Divide And Rule:

The nutrition of the spouses should be divided, because the diet of women has several principal differences from the men’s diet.

  • Because of the body characteristics, women need less energy, protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Dishes from red meat are best left in the “female” plate. Women can afford them a little more often. Unlike women, men do not need increased iron intake and should limit these foods to 2-3 times a week. Preferred sources of energy for men are fish, seafood, low-fat varieties of poultry and low-fat dairy products.

  • Because of the characteristics of the reproductive system, women need a constant intake of iron and vitamin C.

The male diet should be “more weighty” than the female diet in energy and the need for basic macro nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), and that’s why it should be extremely well balanced in terms of the sources of “bad” and “good” cholesterol.

  • Women need more regular meals than men, as they often have “problems” with the normal function of the gallbladder.

Because of the hormonal profile, men are practically unprotected before atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, so daily consumption of red meat and by-products (the main sources of saturated fatty acids) is extremely undesirable.