Underweight Is More Dangerous Than Overweight


When people use Duromine to fight obesity, they must know that underweight is even more dangerous than overweight.

  • Therefore, after Duromine drug helped to get the desired result, patients should stop using it.

While using Duromine or any other diet pills, you must not exaggerate the obesity problem and be objective about your body weight.

  • To do that, you should check out your body mass index (BMI) regularly.

Only those people, whose BMI equals 25 or more, can take diet pills (including Duromine). When BMI is under 25, the anti-obesity treatment course must be stopped.

Unfortunately, many women these days choose as a standard to be excessively slim. These women consider a body weight normal, when the BMI is much lower than 25.

Today you may see many photos on TV and magazines, showing you top models and just regular girls with underweight and anorexia. Many of these girls have lost weight and now they are keeping it stable by means of diet pills.

Not all the slim women, using diet pills, understand that underweight may:

  1. Cause atrophy of their muscular system
  2. Worsen their physical and mental state
  3. Develop uncontrolled hypertension
  4. Violate the reproductive system
  5. Weaken the immune system

Therefore, if your weight loss program ended in BMI under 25, you should stop your anti-obesity therapy and focus on keeping a normal weight.

The body weight is considered normal when BMI varies from 18.5 to 24 (inclusive).

If episodes of uncontrolled overeating have occurred after you finished taking a strong appetite suppressant, the body weight may increase again.

Please note that just in a few weeks after the end of anti-obesity drug therapy, the BMI can increase from 18.5 up to 30 and more.

For those, who cannot control the appetite on their own, it is very hard to keep a normal body weight by means of regular physical loads. Thus, these people have to either abuse the prescription diet pills, or use over-the-counter weight loss products to maintain the body weight.

Abuse of weight loss drugs that are available by a prescription only, is one of the reasons the underweight and anorexia cases increase.

Therefore, during the whole period of using the prescription diet pills (e.g. Duromine), the doctor should tell his patients about all the possible ways of keeping a health body weight and motivate them to a dramatic change in their eating behavior.

Healthy nutrition and daily physical activity are two key factors that help to forget about OTC and RX weight loss products once and for all!